WaveBox: Portable microwave for cooking on the go

wavebox 01

Fresh and hot food is all we need to keep ourselves fit and healthy, but unfortunately we have to feed on packed food when away from home. Have a look at this portable microwave oven dubbed the “WaveBox” that looking like an overgrown lunch box comes with a heavy-duty luggage handle, so you could move it with you to enjoy fresh meals anywhere, anytime. Providing adequate cooking to house a number of containers, cups, mugs and even taquitos, the $199 microwave also plugs into your car or RV’s power outlet, allowing users to prepare their meals on the go. Measuring 15″ x 10″ x 11″ (WDH) in dimensions, the WaveBox weighs just 14 lbs. for easy storage as well as transportation.

wavebox 02
wavebox 03

Via: Thinkgeek/Bemlegaus

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