Waterproof MP3 Player/Radio quenches your never-ending thirst for music

waterproof mp3 player and radio 01

If you are one of those who can’t do without music even when taking a shower or bath, the ($186) Waterproof MP3 Player/Radio could turn out to be a smart device to play your favorite tracks anywhere, anytime. Measuring 165 x 165 x 160 mm, the ball-shaped music player presents a 32GB SD card, good enough for a wide range of collection. Powered by six AA batteries to play nonstop music (radio) for 28 hours, the waterproof music system can play music for 13 hours from an SD card or 9 hours from a thumb drive. All you need to do is insert a USB memory device or SD Card into the port inside the MP3 and quench your never-ending thirst for music.

waterproof mp3 player and radio
waterproof mp3 player and radio 02

Via: Geekstuff4u

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