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Water Retaining Organs for the Future

With depleting fresh water reserves, drinkable water will pretty soon end up being a rare resource. In addition, pollution, global warming, industrialization and population explosion continue to stretch water levels to breaking point. While new and innovative technologies are being implemented to recycle, store and purify water from different sources, it is always helpful to have a better technology as a backup for the worst case scenarios. A company called Takram asked its designers to come up with a futuristic water storage device. Instead, the designers outdid themselves and came up with a concept of artificial organs and augmentations that will actually assist the human body to retain and recycle large quantities of water.

The Complete Range of Artificial Organs

Takram has dubbed this concept as the “Shenu: Hydrolemic System”. The system basically consists of a number of devices which are to be implanted at specific points of the human body. These augmentations will ensure that the body does not lose excess of moisture. They will also keep the water usage of the bodily metabolism at a minimal level.

The Shenu Hydrolemic System

Takram also plans to invent several add-ons to supplement this system. They concepts of lozenges that supply all the nutrients required by the body for 24hrs, an implant for the nasal cavity that prevents moisture lose via exhalation, jugular heat exchangers and inhibitors that lower water loss via perspiration from the upper body and also a separate implant that will be able to produce and store electricity by utilizing nothing but body heat.

Minimize loss of Body Moisture

People who have played the game Deus Ex would find familiarity between the concepts of Takram and the in-game augmentations. After all, bionic implants are the future and perhaps human race will perform better (or even have to depend) upon them. Takram’s body moisture retaining organs are just the first step towards a whole new world of innovation.

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