Watch pizza being cooked a la carte at this chic restaurant

Cooking food is as appetizing as eating it. Relishing the aromas and savoring the texture while your dish griddles out is a divine experience. If you are a gourmand at heart, you will understand that rustling up a dish is as much fun as chomping it down. Here is a new eatery that brings to you the thrill of watching food being prepared a la carte. Die hard foodies and wannbe chefs will love to frequent this place planned by Canada based industrial as well as furniture designer, Jesicca Humeault.


The Restaurant layout is really neat and circular tables have been laid out all across. Right at the center of the table is an oven to bake your pizza. Although the ovens are electric, their design is very much like the wooden ovens used traditionally to bake pizzas. Tables are of different sizes and can accommodate 2, 4 or even 8 people at a time. Moreover, you can rearrange your sitting area as the table tops are modular.

People who like the concept of open kitchens will love this place. Get creative and order any type of pizza you feel like eating and it will be prepared exactly to your liking. You can see the chefs at work on the three food prep counters. All the sauces are nuked fresh by the chef at the first counter while at the next live counter you can see meats being roasted. The vegetables, condiments and grated cheese are sprinkled atop at the third counter.

The ambiance inside is warm and celebratory. The causal setting is chic and stylish. You can kick back and relax or enjoy an offhand chat with friends in this easy atmosphere. Besides pizzas, the eatery also serves pastas. The food prep counters are placed right next to the bar. Alongside is a dance floor where you can hop to thumping beats. The place literally gives you a reason to celebrate!

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