Hi Five, a watch with mp3 player would surely fascinate music lovers

The watch design by Lloyd from Australia is a perfect blend of motivation, inspiration and a pinch of creativity. Christened as “Hi Five,” the designer says the pattern of light on the grooves of a vinyl record inspired him to think about this creative piece of art. The watch displays both time and date in a digital pattern. The four digits flaunted around a “record” present both time and date, imitating light falling on a record’s grooves.

Hi-Five LED watch

Red light glowing at the corner on bottom left side of the watch indicates that the display is representing date. Upper two digits signify date and lower digits signify month. The display without red light indicates time with hours on the upper part and minutes on the lower part.

The watch could be juiced up via computer as it is USB rechargeable. Not forgetting about the greener side, the strap of the watch has been made using eco friendly material. The LCD display of the watch remains on all the time. You can add style to it by choosing a funky strap as it comes with a variety of colored straps in plain as well as trendy record patterns. The same holds true for LED display as well.

Coming to the next attractive feature the watch can also double as an MP3 player. This one of its kind watch design would definitely appeal to people who love music, records and eccentric things.

Via: Tokyoflash

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