Wash MacBasin integrates two utilities

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Living in matchbox-sized house often makes you give up one space-consuming item for the other. Beko Entegre could be the sensible option for those who crave a washing machine but could not manage to fit-one-in. A concept by Korhan, this Wash MacBasin (I coined the term), integrates a sink with a washing machine. Keeping the body aesthetics in mind, the sink juts 10 cm forward, to give you enough legroom to stand comfortably. A waterproof control panel is situated on the top of the machine keeping curious children at bay. Multi-functional as it gets, there’s even an extra drawer under detergent box to keep personal effects. This wonderful project was an METU graduation project collaborated with Arcelik A.S (European leading household appliances manufacturer).

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Source: Beko

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