Warm up the volcanic way with Basalto Fireplace

Basalto Fireplace

A fireplace is synonymous with a large room where it is wedged inside a wall. But not anymore! Max Battaglia has designed one in a truly ingenious manner, christened as Basalto Fireplace. The flames look like a volcanic eruption and lend an eye-appealing characteristic.

The design has been heavily inspired by the Giant’s Causeway, which is an Irish cliff. It is an area of interlocking basalt columns, which is the result of volcanic eruptions. Basalto Fireplace, unlike the traditional ones, can be positioned on the floor. This will allow people to sit around it and make family time more fun. Also the chimney has been swapped by a steel hood, which will be wedged on the ceiling.

Basalto Fireplace will be made available in two colors: white and black. They have been crafted in a jazzed up manner from glazed ceramic. The white one will be fed with ethanol while the black will be the traditional wood fed one. The uneven crafting manages to leave an everlasting impression. Basalto Fireplace will make the area, it is positioned in, look regal. So get warmth in your life and soothe those frazzled nerves as well.

Via: Givingshape

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