Warm Note, bringing colors to your life

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In this fast moving era, we hardly get time to spend with our near and dear ones. It becomes quite difficult to have physical presence in joys and sorrows of those, who are really close to us. From a very long time people are shifting from messages sent via mails to phone calls, then mobile phones and now internet, in order to be in touch with their close ones. People cramped with busy work schedule are unable to express what they feel and their life seems colorless and lifeless to them. Thus, it is so needed to look for a tool that helps you to express your love and affection to people who mean something to you. A tool which helps you to do something personal to someone, a tool that is pleasing and freshens up your dull life.The “Warm Note” from Neelam Singh is here to add colors to our dull and monotonous life. In this fast moving era, we hardly get time to spend with our near and dear ones.

Such a warm opportunity is here, with the Warm Notes, which enables you to write a note in as many colors as possible in a very short time. This colorful pen in hand is actually ink free but can produce many colors with the increase and decrease in the temperature. It indicates the color that will be printed on the paper after you decrease or increase the temperature with the help of the touch meter in the front. So, the colorful pen is a must have device to add colors to your dull life.

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