Wanderest attaches to a lamppost, makes a resting point for elderly

wanderest 01

A regular jog or walk is possibly the best exercise to stay fit and healthy, but walking through long distances on a go becomes difficult for senior citizens. Addressing the issue, designer Nichola Trudgen has come up with a simple yet effective perch named “Wanderest” that can be attached to lampposts as resting points for the elderly. Comprising three identical panels, injection-molded from a recycled wood plastic composite, the perch is not only cost-effective to produce but also helps in sustaining the environment. The Wanderest is easy to set up and maintain, as it can be attached to a post with either a bolt or two steel straps. Moreover, the perch is apt for flat surfaces that can be installed in crowded places, such as educational institutes, bank and hospitals, as small leaning stations.

wanderest 02
wanderest 03

Via: Core77

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