‘Walking aid’ orthopedic device helps adults with locomotive disabilities

walking aid 1

Designer Luke Forward has refurbished a prototype of his walking aid meant for children suffering from cerebral palsy. The revised model will now help adults in walking rehabilitation. Based on a thorough understanding of orthotics, the device has been made using carbon, thereby making it rather lightweight in composition. Apart from taking design aesthetics into consideration, the redesigned version has folding capabilities, thereby allowing transportation with relative ease.

walking aid 2 walking aid 3 walking aid 4 walking aid 5 walking aid 6

Via: Behance

One thought on “‘Walking aid’ orthopedic device helps adults with locomotive disabilities”

  1. Dear Luke,
    My partner, Anthony, has Wernicke-Korsakoff’’s syndrome and is in residential care. Unfortunately, he often loses his balance and falls backwards resulting in painful injuries to his frail body. He loves to walk but has to be supervised so he doesn’t fall.
    I’ve been looking for a walking aid that can support him from behind as he walks, and was really excited when I saw your prototype.
    Do you needs adults with walking difficulties to test your design? If so, we would really appreciate if you could consider Anthony? Please advise.

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