WakeUpPhone, cellphone that think it’s an alarm clock

wake up phone

With the growing popularity of mobile phones among the masses, watches or clocks are having a tough time, if not breathing their last. For the cellphone has emerged as a functional device that not only tells time but also works as an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning. Enhancing the time and alarm functions of the mobile phone, Swedish designer Carl Hagerling has come up with an innovative phone that features a tilted display, in the alarm position, to give a better view of the time even while lying on the bed. The WakeUpPhone, as the designer calls his phone, generates power from two AAA batteries and comes integrated with a Walkman, camera and the power button. So, there is no point in spending extra on an alarm clock, PMP and camera, if you have the WakeUpPhone at your disposal.

wake up phone 1
wake up phone 2
wake up phone 3
wake up phone 4

Via: Hagerling

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