Waive: Soothing unusual shaped bench by designer Matthias Pliessnig


Have you seen anything like this ever before? And trust me, it’s an amazing feeling to relax on this unusual shaped but rigid and sturdy furniture piece by US designer Matthias Pliessnig! Waive was created when Pliessnig became aware of rigidity and beauty wooden compound curves could attain while he was constructing his boat in 2005. Once struck by an idea he decided to bring it into reality; result of which is Waive. Waive is actually an open grid of curved timber. It is elongated at the ends and ‘pressed’ at the center to create a place to occupy a person. It’s completely made of compound curves that gives it a lightweight, stability and of course beauty. Pliessnig plans to create elongated versions of this splendid furniture piece. His main goal is to custom create site-specific pieces depending upon architectures.

Source: Dezeen

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