VRS-P1 Prosumer Racing Simulator is a Racing coffin


So you love racing, but feel that it’s not worth risking your life on the road. To quench your thirst, you have switched to racing games. But then again, that feel for driving on the road at high speed is missing. Turning this far-fetched dream into reality is the VRS-P1 Prosumer Racing Simulator.

Giving you the comfort to sit down just like you would in a funeral box, this custom-made racing stimulator gear costs $4000 (USD) to hardcore game freaks. The simulator is hand crafted with an amendable racing seat carved out of fiberglass, gear shift, pedal and a wheel that can be wedged as per one’s wish. For an exclusively pleasant gaming experience, the casket like gaming shell can be obtained in beech, walnut, cherry, maple, oak or birch wood veneers.

So, get buried in this gaming catafalque for a death-like racing adventure.

Via: Technabob

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