Volna: The unique artistic table for modern spaces

Have you ever come across a furniture that not only serves its purpose, but also forms a beautiful piece of art? If not, have a look at the most extraordinary Volna table that has been created by a Turkish design studio, Nuvist. This floor-mounted table is breathtakingly beautiful and its royal look makes it a perfect example of both functional and a decorative furniture.


This exceptional Volna table is the result of a unique combination of the latest innovative technologies and high-quality modern materials. The design of this table has been inspired by the flow of liquid. The soft unbroken curves of Volna give it a wave-like appearance, which fills the whole space with an unlimited magical energy. Its presence mesmerizes the surrounding and leaves you spellbound. The smooth and glossy surface of the table looks sophisticated and fashionable, yet there is something special about Volna that makes you feel peaceful and calm.

The delightful design helps the table to easily become a part of any kind of contemporary interiors. Whether it is your living room, office, hotel or any other place, Volna fills it with an unmatched elegance and charm. The table comes in different styles and you can easily choose the one that goes with your taste and mood. All the designs are superb and they provide you with lots of scope to be creative.

Bring home the luxurious Volna that radiates an aura of style. Flaunt your great taste and personality and be ready for loads of appreciations.

Via: Nuvist

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