Volet Végétal AKA plant shutter reinvents the window box for apartment dwellers

Window boxes have been in vogue since the height of the Roman Empire and any home built in the old world European style features them quite prominently. With housing in the cities no longer allowing people to live in spaces where mini gardens can be created in terraces or balconies, a window box can be a great option for someone who wants a green patch outlining their view of the concrete jungle. However, most window boxes only allow people to cultivate a single type of plant which doesn’t really work for someone looking to build a mini kitchen garden out of their windows. This is where design firm Barreau & Charbonnet’s Volet vegetal makes a really great case for itself.

Hanging Plant Balcony

The name literally translates into French as “plant shutter” and allows folks to place three or more planter boxes into a retractable frame into their windows. The frame can be rotated from vertical (covering the whole window) to horizontal (when it hangs out the balcony like a drawbridge) via a pulley system which lets apartment dwellers show off their window gardens to eh world while offering their plants plenty of sunshine and/or rain.

Hanging Plant Balcony

The planters have been designed to stay upright even when the shutter is being drawn in and out so your plants don’t spill out and might we say the window garden makes a great green privacy shield for people who like a “garden view” in their high rise home. The Volet Végétal will be submitted at Jardins Jardin, the exterior design expo and garden show set to begin in Paris this June.

Hanging Plant Balcony

Via: Tree Hugger

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