Volcom Chariot offers a green and comfy ride to beach-party freaks

volcom chariot 01
Inspired by an anti-establishment aesthetic that revolts against the current automotive regulations, Canadian designer Klaud Wasiak has devised a futuristic vehicle for the party freaks. Hailed as the “Volcom Chariot,” the California culture-inspired vehicle boasts a relaxed state of mind that neglects pressure of work and focuses toward interaction within a social environment, especially the beach. Accommodating two people, with the non-driving seat turning into a lounge for complete relaxation, the Chariot also provides a smart space, between the chassis and the upper body, to store and transport your surfboard to a beach location. The sports vehicle not only features an edgy design, but also generates power from solar energy, allowing you to play your part in sustaining the environment, and that too without compromising on fun and performance. Moreover, your kids standing at the rear are gonna enjoy the road surfing.

volcom chariot 02
volcom chariot 03
volcom chariot 04
volcom chariot 05
volcom chariot 06

Via: Wasfire

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