Voice controlled wheelchair made using LEGO bricks

If you have got tired of rolling the wheels of a wheelchair or struggling to locate different buttons to operate it, then a Voice controlled option will prove to be quite a relief. Yaya Lu, a Lego builder has come up with an archetype of a voice controlled wheelchair that has been made from a LEGO technic NXT MindStorms education kit.

Voice controled wheelchair

The creator further added rotacaster wheels, Sensors and a motor multiplexer to the prototype. One of the major troubles while using a voice command system is the inefficiency of such devices to recognize more than 7000 languages that people use all across the globe. But, Yaya Lu made the voice commands language independent with the help of short and long sounds combination, which will make it possible to be used by just anyone in any corner of the world.

The commands make good use of three ‘dah’ and ‘dit’ sounds, which will unfurl 8 commands in total. A second NXT computer brick in combination with sensors like LEGO sound and NXTBee is used to recognize commands, which are sent to the wheelchair. These commands are further translated into movements, which will make the wheelchair move forward, backwards, sideways (both left and right) and stop it as well. Apart from this, it can also be made to spin in clockwise and anti clockwise direction. In short, your command will be everything for the wheelchair.

Via: Yaya Lu

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