Vélo race handcycle adds fun and freedom to physically impaired’s life

vlo handcycle 01

Life becomes a big challenge for the physically impaired, especially suffering from lower body or leg immobility, as they have to rely on others for their day-to-day needs. Adding some flavor to their bleak lives, Peruvian designer Gerardo Leon has come up with a racing bicycle, rather handcycle, named the “Vélo” that not only ensures mobility but also adds fun to their lives. Since the bike is intended for special users, the handcycle locates the paddle right in front of the rider, so he/she could paddle the cycle with his/her hands. Made in fiberglass, the Vélo is very light in weight that needs little effort on part of the rider to reach high speeds and keep it under control.

vlo handcycle 02
vlo handcycle 03
vlo handcycle 04
vlo handcycle

[Cheers Gerardo]

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