Vällingby Parkstad develops a close bond between work life, housing and leisure

vllingby parkstad 1

Winner of the competition to construct a residential development in Stockholm, the “Vällingby Parkstad” by 3XN is a unique architecture that develops a close association between work life, housing and leisure. Presenting a curved design with flowing balconies that opens up the structure towards the surroundings, the new Swedish residential complex softly raises from the ground to symbolize a human movement. The building features a smooth and plain facade towards the North; while on the other hand, it is curves in an embracing gesture towards South and West. Varying between four different shapes, the Vällingby Parkstad creates wave-like shifts between floors, adding dynamics and liveliness to the building.

vllingby parkstad 2
vllingby parkstad 3
vllingby parkstad 4
vllingby parkstad 5
vllingby parkstad 6

Via: Designboom

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