Viva shopping cart offers a practical solution for easy shopping

While most brands try to go international with their designs and cater to the needs of the globe, sometimes it pays to think in a centralized fashion, means catering to the needs of one specific community by observing their unique needs. The Viva shopping cart has been crafted keeping in mind local shopping needs in Iran. This has been done by studying the local and cultural behavior of users and analyzing problems faced by them while shopping.

Viva shopping cart

Vegetables and fruits form the central part of our eating habits. Shopping for these groceries is the everyday routine of a homemaker. But when you have to shop for a big family for the whole week, then it becomes a tedious job, as to carry such huge bags turns out to be very tiring. This project basically aims at providing a solution to this particular problem. After spending some time in the market and observing people, he started to think of the different ways that could help the people and solve their problems. Finally after doing some technical drawing, he designed this shopping cart.

It is a small bright colored foldable cart with wheels. The color test was done considering the taste of the people and also pertaining to the main purpose of the product. It was important for the product to look clean but not too colorful so that it could envelop almost all the users. Apart from this, bright color was used so that dirt particles could be easily pinpointed, if any on the products.

This product provides a practical solution for the people of Iran as well as all shoppers all around the world. It is cheap, useful and above all looks sturdy as demanded by the cultural behavior of Iran.

Via: Cargo Collective

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