vite collapsible snow stretcher
Adventure sports like skiing and hiking may provide opportunities to let loose your electrifying emotions, if you are one of those audacious souls, but at the same time these sports also calls for some of the most trying situations. A bunch of designers, including Soyun Kim, Jason Lin, Agustin Zea, has popped up with collapsible snow stretcher that enhancing the safety measures will allow an immediate rescue, in case of an accident or injury. Dubbed “Vite,” the stretcher comes in the form of a backpack that the skiers can carry with minimum fuss. Featuring easy functions, like a push button, ball hinge, automatic lock system and expendable handle, the Vite is not just an easy stretcher for professional rescuers but also for common users who may effortlessly unfold it and drag the victim out of the emergency situation.

vite collapsible snow stretcher 1
vite collapsible snow stretcher 2
vite collapsible snow stretcher 3

Via: Tuvie

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  1. Where do I buy and how much?

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