Vita bin to help users develop smart recycling habits

Usually, recycling bins are not that attractive. They are painted in one solid color with the designated sign on them, but there is nothing outwardly “positive” about them. In fact, they are quite dull looking. Maybe it is one of the reasons why people are not encouraged to separate their solid trash and take the trouble to move towards adopting good recycling habits. Finding a way to instill the ideals of recycling into the public is a good idea; it starts with motivating them to separate trash according to their components to make the recycling process easier.

Vita - Waste collection system

Perhaps, the first step is to reboot the entire appearance of the recycling bins. If the bins were more eye-catching, they would be noticed more and people would take the initiative. Mario Ramírez J, a well-known designer, has expanded on the concept to create Vita, a waste collection system, which is suitable for indoors, offices and shopping centers.

What makes Maro’s Vita stand out is its design. Using iconic systems division, the receptacle is made externally vivid and striking with the right mixture of colors, shapes and textures. The brightness of the colors marks each section of the container: yellow for plastic, green for general waste and blue for paper. The modern contours that form the opening increase the trendy nature of the receptacle.

The inner part of the receptacle is comprised of three containers, for paper, general waste and plastic, to eliminate the need for plastic bags. The waste is collected in the separate containers for trouble-free disposal to their designated recycling plants.Each container is attached individually to the receptacle so they can be removed when it time for them to be emptied without disturbing the whole receptacle.

The Vita is constructed in a manner for easy disassembling and assembling; it has good transport capability. Maro thought ahead in terms of the product’s functionality; the sides of Vita are bare to allow for the display of advertisements, a brand or corporate image.

I imagine the Vita will be a product in high demand, whose appearance and practicality will be appreciated for and in the environment.

Via: Maro

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