Vista Wallet for a flexible shopping experience

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Modern technology has made the world shrink to an extent where everything seems just a wink away. But somehow when it comes to banking and shopping, these areas seem to be moving at a snail’s pace. Everything related to banking is not as quick as it should be in this fast paced world. To kill this flaw Vista Wallet has been specially designed to keep a track on your hard earned money.

It will intelligently tell you how much money you have. If you have more money the wallet will swell physically whereas in case your bank account has less cash it will reduce in size, indicating the amount. The wallet is equipped with technologies like flexible displays, high-power, small-size batteries, ultra small GPS receivers, 3D data connection and touch screen technologies. A facility called ‘Scan and Shop’ will allow the shopper to scan a product and after analyzing it, he can come back and purchase a product, as all the necessary information about its price/the shop it is available at, will get saved. To make shopping experience blissful and avail the best deals, Vista Wallet allows you to compare the price of a product online through online services like LiveExpo and LiveShop.

With flexible displays and providing the use of real money as well, Vista Wallet will bow down to all needs of a consumer and make shopping and spending a truly beautiful experience.

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