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Vision Glasses take on Google’s Project Glass with minimum stake

While developers at Apple are hard at work trying to get Chinese workers to work longer hours for less pay as they race against time to unleash the latest versions of the iPad and the iPhone upon the world, Google is trying to pull ahead in the smart computing race by bypassing the tablet/ smartphone trend altogether. Finally Google’s conception of vision glasses has taken the form of inception. Google has recently showcased the prototype of its hi-tech glasses, dubbed the Project Glass, which can be worn on the face like regular goggles, though their real function is to serve as a really cutting edge camera and social search tool.

Google Vision Glasses

Taking the mighty Google on, designer Federico Ciccarese has created a similar new concept device for Business Insider and has named it Google Vision, which could well be the poor man’s version of its expensive counterpart- Google’s Project Glass. The new augmented reality goggles is a solo lens gizmo that would house a discreetly located camera near it. At the back of the head, the edge of the glasses would feature traditional Android buttons. The pair of glasses also comes integrated with GPS tracking, voice command and an Android 4.0-based user interface that helps users take pictures.

Like other media-based pairs of glasses, Google Vision too displays all kinds of info right in front of your eyeballs including album info when you’re using the glasses to play music, Google Plus social stats, latest emails and Google Maps. We’re a bit thankful that Google doesn’t have a tie-up with Facebook and Twitter just yet!

Source: Ciccarese Design

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