Viral Wearable Music Player is the silliest fitness mp3 player ever seen

The whole point of wearing a music player when you go for a run is to help you focus while you’re training via songs that mean something to you or give you a boost when you need a push. However, designer Michele Tittarelli thinks that wearable fitness-specific mp3 players are isolating and too personal and distract one from enjoying the social experience of being in a gym or a park or even a stretch of the beach popular with joggers and this thought prompted her into designing the Viral Wearable Music Player which basically “infects” the wearer’s playlist with the music being played by a passerby.

Viral Wearable Music Player

Though the very idea behind portable music players that come with earphones is to ensure that no one is forced to listen to the music being played by someone else, the designer apparently thinks that it isn’t a very desirable thing and perhaps she misses the boom box era where the person with the loudest speakers could force everyone within an earshot of the sound waves to listen to whatever music they personally preferred. Which is why she invented this bizarre wearable fitness music player that can start playing the music being played by someone passing by as long as the beats per minute (BPM) of the two songs are found to be compatible.

If the Viral Wearable Music Player detects a “good” virus i.e., a song that matches the BPM of your playlist, the two songs get mixed through Max/MSP to Xbee since the prototype transmits data wirelessly. If that’s not annoying enough, a user has to brush off (decline) the infection manually which means that if you’re wearing this device in a busy jogger’s park, you’ll need to constantly keep brushing off infections which may cause you to lose focus or take a fall and break a body part.

Via: Wix

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