Vincent Liew’s redesigned laptop satisfies ergonomic needs


Laptop computers have gradually improved to become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. With technological advancements this portable device initially designed to keep us connected anywhere and everywhere in transit is fast replacing its desktop counterpart. However, there are some physical ergonomic issues related to laptop which violate the basic ergonomic posture for using a laptop. Designer Vincent Liew has come up with a new industrial product which confronts these problems with the mechanism of hinge and layering extension to improve the arm and eye screen level comfort. The redesigned industrial product has a flexible mechanism with hinge and layering extension to improve the adjustability between laptop display monitor and input device keyboard. The hinges provide layers of three different height adjustment layers so that the users no longer have to compromise screen display distance for arm comfort or have large eye screen distance with extended arm.


[Cheers Vincent]

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