Vimos Bedroom redefines luxury for the customers of El Palacio de Hierro

Created to be a part of the Kupper Collection of the high end Mexican El Palacio de Hierro chain, the Vimos Bedroom by designer Francisco Menchaca uses intuitive technology and integrates it seamlessly into everyday life. The furniture and the user are integrated into an organic whole by using the principal element of interaction via a red line that captures the senses of the user. Other finishes and surfaces too are created to indulge the user’s sense of touch and vision and immerse them in luxury with brilliant red surfaces in glass.

Vimos Bedroom

By carefully combining current trend, technology and innovation and using it to create a profile of the average customer of El Palacio de Hierro, the designer has created something of a signature bedroom line for the store that can be seen as being synonymous with the high-end retail that the store deals with. The bedroom suite itself is fashioned out of the high quality glass, wood and plastic elements to create a mirage of contemporary luxury that has its roots set in the hottest trends that have set the store apart from its rivals in the past.

With a switchboard in the headboard, the Vimos Bedroom allows its users to not only manipulate the LED lights integrated within the interior details of the bed and the integrated night stands but can also be fitted to provide controls for the lights and electronics fitted in a room. The bed is comes fitted with an inner drawer with automatic movement to ensure that the user can make full use of the storage space provided by the bedroom suite without them having to exert any extra physical effort into the process.

[Cheers Francisco]

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