Video games and movies become lifelike with AV Video glasses

This smashing technology will make even the biggest of high definition screens melt like ice in the hot sun. Yeah! That is possible. Also, you won’t be heading out to the cinema that often to catch the latest 3D flick. Your craze for this too will just fade away. This hot shot technology brings to your living room full sized images, which will be in action right next to you, alive and kicking.

AV Video Glasses

The contraption that makes this unbelievable view possible is a humble pair of eye glasses. These sleek glasses have to be worn over the head and then a small screen will flap out covering your eyes. That’s just like the glasses you see in sci-fi flicks. Remember the shades that the old doc from Back to the Future wore. Coming back to the point, these glasses will flash a virtual screen in front of your eyes, which will have a whopping 36 inch display.

Put on these AV Videos glasses whenever you want to watch a movie or a video game. You won’t be a spectator anymore but instead a part of the happenings rolling onscreen. All characters are alive and breathing whether you are glued to the Xbox360, PS3, Wii or your DVD player. This doodad works with all AV devices.

Wear these light and comfortable glasses for as long as you want. Hours will pass by and you won’t feel a thing. Its advanced LCoS screen will not hurt your eyes. There is no software installation required and the setup process happens in a jiffy. You can swivel the goggles up and down smoothly. Moreover, the blast from its audio speakers creates quite a pitch.

Another piece of good news is that all this doesn’t come at an unreachable skyrocketing cost. The glasses will actually cost (about $215) less than a brand new television! Technology is surely getting larger than life. Duh! Don’t just stand there with your jaw agape. Go ahead and grab one right now.

Via: Chinavasion

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