The ‘vibration of perfection’ for finely groomed athletes

With the summer Olympics barely weeks away, medal hopefuls are hard at work trying to get every move right. However, even after years of training one’s body to perform on the world stage almost automatically, it is very possible for world-class athletes to miss a beat and fall short of “perfect” by an inch or two. So how can they possibly ensure that they have perfected a routine without spending hours in front of super-slow-mo recording of themselves analyzed with all kinds of software? Well, The MotivePro suit could be one of the solutions to this problem since the bio-sensor fitted suit is geared with a bunch of vibrating bits that can tell an athlete when they have calibrated their individual routine.

MotivePro suit

Created by researchers at the Birmingham City University, the suit could be particularly useful for gymnasts and let them know if and when they are positioning themselves correctly via a vibrating feedback. When they move in the correct way, motors triggered by tiny sensors attached to the wearer’s skin create a vibration which can be felt on the skin.

MotivePro suit

As gymnasts intensify their practice in the run up to the Olympics, the suit can help both the athlete as well as their coaches practice better since the user’s movements are also tracked in real time by a computer who sends it to a computer. Meal hopefuls around Britain are excited about the prospect of using the suit though only time will tell if it really is as effective in the long run as its makers are claiming it to be.

Via: Daily Mail

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