Vibrating Plated Watch tells the time in Morse Code

Vibrating Plated Watch

This innovative watch design looks like a plated bracelet and uses the mechanism of vibration to tell the time in Morse Code. Designed by Nemoto san from Japan, this watch is an extremely useful tool for the visually impaired and the time is known by the vibrations occurring in the display portion of the watch.

This bracelet watch is divided into 12 plates that basically indicate the hours. Upon pressing the right plate that depicts the present hour, that particular hour plate produces vibrations on the watch which indicate the minutes – one small vibration means 1-5 minutes, similarly two small vibrations indicate anything between 6-10 minutes. However, one long vibration on the contrary means 0 minutes.

The design of the watch is very simple as the main attraction lies in the functionality of the watch and its plates that indicate the time in Braille. Time telling is even further simplified with small division points between three hour plates- which makes it even more easier. The concept of the vibrations is due to the mechanism of radio waves, however, the time can be manually set as well. This bracelet watch – available in six vibrant colors – is a great asset for people with weak or impaired vision.

Via: Tokyoflash

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