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Vertically Elevated Rapid Transport will ferry you and your car along intercity routes

Even for a country like the U.S., which doesn’t have to deal with cramped historic cities and a general lack of space for its highway system, traffic congestion is a major problem. Commuters traveling along the U.S. interstate highway system often complain of it being inefficient and slow. The only other alternative to traveling on the highway to get to other cities has been air travel though the time it takes on to park their personal vehicle at an airport, board a plane, go through security check, travel, then deboard, go through security check again and find a means of transport takes up a lot of unnecessary time. The Vertically Elevated Rapid Transport concept AKA VERT created by Brook Middlecott Banham as a thesis project may just be the perfect alternative to the problem of mass transport for inter-city travel.


The mass transport device serves much like a ferry and allows travelers to take their personal transport with them. To travel, a passenger can just book a ticket online, drive into the entry gate and onto the VERT, travel to a preferred location, and then drive off from the departure gate using their own personal vehicles. The VERT system will be set up alongside the state highways already in place so that passengers can choose to deboard at a station on the highway itself and travel to destinations covered by the highways system.

The VERT comprises of a twin deck system with the upper deck featuring seating, entertainment and even shops while the lower deck features parking for on-board personal vehicles. The structure of the VERT is shaped like a snake’s spine which allows it to navigate through curves along the route with minimum resistance. The VERT will also be computer operated which would negate the chance for human error and crashes.

Source: Brook Banham

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