Vertical Necropolis exploits scarce city land to provide place of respite for the deceased

Scarcity of land in an overpopulated city like Delhi makes ground space all the more dearer, which has triggered architect Annkit Kummar to come up with the brilliant Vertical Necropolis concept. In the coming few years the burial spaces will be all consumed and hence using vertical space will be a fine idea. This will exploit scarce city land in a sensible way without compromising on social and religious sentiments.

Vertical Necropolis

Using a lot ground space for burial can have an adverse effect on ecological level, but the issue has always been kept under covers because of the sentiments involved while giving a space of respite for the deceased. Vertical Necropolis concept will leave a lot of free space to be used by the living and give a socially acceptable cemetery where the deceased can be laid to rest. The space will be used by people from various religions or groups, in turn bringing everyone at the same equal level.

It has also been seen that the memorial parks are never used as civic parks, which in turn becomes very dead as it is left ignored. Vertical Necropolis concept will give the same space an all new image as it will be used in an efficient manner. Every inch of the land will be used more efficiently as the concept moves towards the sky rather than expand horizontally.

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