Vertibral gives ribs a whole new appeal beyond barbecue

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Just like its name suggests, Vertibral borrows the idea from the vertebrae of the spine to give furniture the same flexibility that spine gives the body. Its not simply a modular furniture concept, but allows for more complex shapes by giving flex to the individual blocks of furniture. Each box is fashioned from thin wooden square ribs, 12 in all, which are hinged at the middle to let them fan out. This pivoting is what specifically makes this furniture similar to the spine, opening options for Vertibral furniture to be waved and combined into many patterns.

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Intuitive combinations of the Vertibral’s parts would form seating and tables, while slightly more complex patterns like bookshelves can be made -although a little lifting is required. More artistic shapes, which have nothing to do with furniture, such as sculptures can even be thrown together. Furthermore, the Vertibral is as easy on the environment as it is on the eyes, using environmentally friendly materials and processes, right from its wood to its stainless steel hinges, and even the wood finishing. Designer Joseph Keenan’s creative thinking has led to a deceptively simple concept, surely gonna be appreciated for its simplicity and artfulness.

Source: ESO

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