Versatile amphibious Search and Rescue Vehicle to combat emergencies with ease

The current lot of search and rescue vehicles only offers the bare minimum functionality and more often than not separate vehicles is needed for land and water emergencies. The Amphibious Search and Rescue Vehicle by designer Domaretskii Volodymir is a multipurpose, all-terrain emergency vehicle that functions like a hovercraft and makes it easier for rescuers to reach locations that are hard to reach by conventional means. In case of cyclone, tidal wave strikes or severe flooding scenarios, the amphibious transporter can be used by emergency workers to get to the affected population without risking their own life and limb.


In places where wheeled vehicles cannot be used, the Amphibious Search and Rescue Vehicle’s hovercraft mechanism could be activated to traverse through uneven or unstable terrain. As a crew transport vehicle, the vehicle can transport emergency personnel as well and boost search and rescue missions.The Amphibious Search and Rescue Vehicle can be deployed in any terrain in any disaster zone and can be used to combat fires and provide emergency services in earthquake areas, flooded areas and enable swift water rescues, rope rescues, confined space rescue and even help people escape building collapses.

The vehicle runs on a hybrid powertrain with a set of solar panels and wind generators that provide supplementary power to the diesel or petrol-run engine. The crew vehicle, transporter and hovercraft modules can be detached an used individually while spate modules like the ladder module, the hospital module, the living module, the fire engine module, the excavator module and the supply module that includes water generators, water cleaning filters, solar panels, wind generator and the power station allow the Amphibious Search and Rescue Vehicle to serve a number of roles in the rescue process.

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