Versabikes: Eco-friendly and adaptable!

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Conventional bikes are already quite sustainable as far as their usability and utility is concerned. But, frame size might make you dispense them off as all users don’t have similar heights. The problem begins when a cyclist needs to resell his/her bike, but can’t find anyone because of the frame size. So how can a bike somehow adapt or grow with a user or multiple users? Nathan Durflinger addresses this difficulty with his unique bike design.

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The final design is eco-friendly and adjusts to a range of different user heights. Pieces of finished plywood, polycarbonate, or machined aluminum can be used in fabricating one. The frame will accept all standard bike hardware found at most bike shops. The frame of the bike has been designed to expand out or contract in motion. The bike can come in two different sizes: One that will “grow” with a child who has started learning to ride and another for teens and adults. The kids version with an inseam between 20″-27″ fits any child and the adult version having an inseam between 27″-34″ would fit anybody.
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So, the bike can be shared by a couple, a family or can be passed on to another user after the first user is done with it. In case you’ve made up your mind to dump this bike, the materials and parts could be recycled or reused.

[Thanks: Nathan Durflinger]

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