VeloMini folding electric bike offers practical city commutation

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VeloMini is designed to pluck you out from several troubling scenarios. It makes commuting easier, cleaner and greener, saves you from many a parking hassles and facilitates a “multi-modal” commute in which you ride the bicycle to the station, carry it on-board, and at the other end ride to your destination. This sturdily built foldable electric bike weighs just 31 lbs.
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The folding mechanism involves simply loosening a knob, breaking down the seat and steering tubes, and then retightening the knob. Once folded the VeloMini rises just by just 18”. The controls are very straight forward. Equipped with 24v, 6AH Lithium-ion battery which charges under 3 hours, the VeloMini is powered by 180 watt brushless hub electric motor.
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The bicycle is very easy to ride. You just have to hop on and start pedaling. While the default mode for the VeloMini is pedal assist you have freedom to choose your riding style between pedal assist, pedal and throttle, or throttle only. The range you achieve of course depends on how much you pedal. The bicycle can easily reach the speeds of 8-12 miles/hr. The wheels may be small but they help VeloMini ride like a normal bike. The bicycles brakes are a normal V-brake in the front and a drum brake in the rear. Tagged at $995 the VeloMini is already in the market and comes with a case, carry strap, charger, toolkit and a manual.
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Via: Examiner/DouglasSchwartz

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