Variable Portable Display keeps hazards at construction sites at bay

A fine looking road display that helps you manage traffic and increases safety on road construction sites is surely a beneficial idea. Known as the VPD or Visual Portable Display, the unit can prevent hazards when construction activities are going on in the city. The heavy construction being carried out in New Zealand and the risk it poses on drivers goaded the designer to devise the practical equipment.


The unit essentially consists of an electronic visual display unit placed on a stand, which has spring loaded feet. These are stored in an upright position. The unique design makes it easy to carry the piece around. They can be hauled easily from storage to the operation position with very little pressure. Once they are in the right position, the mechanism makes it possible to lock the stands in place.

However, the unit doesn’t look anything like the hideous stands and signboards one usually spots on roads. VPD has an appealing design and will make roadways look much better. Bright LEDs have been embedded in them. Although the stands add tremendously to the look of the open road, they have a strong function to deliver. They can be spotted even from a distance of 200 meters and therefore can warn drivers as well as passerby’s of the construction ahead.

The piece is really handy and using it is also very easy. The unit is housed in a sturdy yet waterproof encasing made from plastic. The piece, which is usually stored in the boot of a police car or inside a contractors truck, can been charged while it is in storage. All settings can be specified using the touch screen slotted at the back. These settings can be pre programmed and adjusted very easily.

Via: James Dyson Award

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