Vanity adieu: Live Edge Shelves are all natural!

live edge shelves

A question a lot of home makers end up asking themselves is why bother with all the sham looks on furniture? True enough, modern steel and glass endowments in our living room look amazingly sleek. However, they still don’t come quite close to matching wood’s splendor. Woodworker and furniture designer A. Drauglis works on the supposition of natural beauty shining through. For this he likes to keep things as simple as possible. His hand crafted Live Edge Shelves are as natural as they come. The simple secret behind these shelves is to present the wood the way that it actually is. This means no tampering with the actual texture of the wood. The shelves’ surfaces are cut and smoothened out, but the edges are left they way they were in forests. This results into wonderfully-looking creations – a minimalist’s dream. You can have these in your home in a variety of wood types, colors and sizes. Order them here and restore a sense of balance in your superfluous home.

live edge shelves2

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