Eight USB gadgets to keep you warm in winters

USB Mouse with Infrared Heater

Winter is around the corner and it is best time to unveil some very innovative and stylish gadgets that would keep you warm and comfortable. Best of all, these gadgets are USB devices that you can just plug in and start using. You would not believe that you can even contact technical support in case of any problems. Doesn’t that sound really cool.

Lets check out some stylish gadgets that would help you to stay warm during the chilly winter months.

1. USB Heating Shoes

USB Heating Shoes

So, these funky shoes can keep your feet warm by connecting it to your system’s USB port. In fact you can plug it in any devices that support USB port such as Sony Playstation, XBOX, Mac. In case that’s not enough for you, there is special section to carry batteries so you can remain warm as long as battery dries out. You can control the temperature using a special temperature control switch.

2. USB Heated Gloves

USB Heated Gloves

Doing anything with freezing hands is quite difficult and doing things perfect with that condition is almost impossible. Here is a way through which you can keep your hands warm and work at the same time. The special hand gloves that can be plugged to your computer would keep your hands warm, which would subsequently mean that you can work better and more effectively,

3. USB Monkey Slipper

USB Monkey Slipper

This one is available at just $25 and would keep your feet warm when you are sitting idle, reading a book or heck even if you are working from home. I mean, we know how cozy it gets to feel the warmth during winters.

4. USB Keyboard with Cooler and Heater

USB Keyboard with Cooler and Heater

Check out the latest modification in our USB keyboards that now come with inbuilt cooler and a heater which could be set using a simple switch on the top of the keyboard. A small wheel like the one in the mouse is available on the side that would let you increase the intensity of hot or the cool air. This makes it easy to use, easy to operate and gives you satisfaction in all the seasons.

5. USB Mouse with Infrared Heater

USB Mouse with Infrared Heater

We have seen multipurpose keyboards so why not mouse. Now at just $23 you can own an infrared USB mouse that can generate a temperature of upto 45 degree Celsius. This mouse would keep your hands from freezing in the cold winters so that you can work better. All you have to do is to connect it and start using. And yeah, if you wish to switch off the heating functionality you can very well do it from a small switch in the mouse.

6. USB Eye Warmer

USB Eye Warmer

After some really cool products like USB shavers, Thanko, a Tokyo based company has designed yet another device called USB eye warmer. You can now relax your eyes just wearing the eye covers and connecting it to the USB port devices. It works just like a warm towel would work on your eyes. That’s really cool gadget to warm your eyes.

7. USB Mousepad Warmer

USB Mousepad Warmer

As far as the look of this thing goes, I cant stop laughing but yes when you consider that it does, you might want to change your opinion. This is mouse pad and is available at just $15. So whats special ? It keeps you warm while you operate your computer with your mouse within it. Switch it off when you think your hand is warm enough. Simple, cheap and yet an effective way to keep your hands warm during winters.

8. USB Heating Blanket

USB Heating Blanket

You don’t have to run for warm places in your office when it can come right to you. Yes, this USB blanket is pretty cheap at 19 dollars and comes in handy when you are in office and shivering due to the low temperature. Connect the blanket with your laptop or desktop or any USB device that’s near you and it would start getting warmer quickly. Enjoy the warmth of the blanket at your will. You can keep it in your desk so that you can use anytime you want.

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