Uriel ‘The Fire of God’ PC proves a stunner at Germany’s gadget show

Uriel PC by NFC

Check out the unique motherboard design Uriel PC by NFC1! With a lot of sanding and polishing going into the creation of this gadget, NFC stresses that majorly Core i7 has been handmade. With laser engravings and LED lights decorating the gadget’s exteriors, the motherboard looks like an ultimate beauty.

Being designed after ‘n’ number of prototypes, NFC states that a lot of efforts went in making Uriel perfect. With a guarantee for its weight stability, Uriel proudly boasts of a L frame for itself. Some system specifications include a Sapphire’s Pure Black X58 motherboard, 6 GB Corsair Dominator GT-DDR3, 2x Sapphire CrossFire HD 6970 graphics card and a 90GB Corsair Force SSD.

You can view “The Fire of God” PC at the 2011 CeBit Show in Hanover, Germany. With a personal guarantee that you will not be disappointed, the motherboard will provide ultimate speed and recreate every fantasy possible. The power supply has been aptly located in Uriel’s base while the cables have been wound up and wrapped around the bottom. Space utility has been given ultimate consideration in this new generation Motherboard and you would not have a moment’s regret after using this prototype.

Via: MnPcTech

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