Urban exercise mobile ensures complete mobility to the elderly

Urban exercise equipment for elderly people

Elderly people face a lot of health problems, which restricts them to hit a gym. Exercising is very important, as it helps increase strength and keeps us in a healthy state. But, the older age group is never encouraged to enroll for a workout session. Keeping all the troubles in mind, Miriam Petersen has come up with a project named Urban Exercise Mobile for Elderly People.

The urban equipment comes wrapped with three core characteristics; namely balance, strength and resistance (endurance). These aspects of the modular system will ensure complete welfare of the users. Three different modules have been developed to bring out the above mentioned aspects. Apart from this, the system will also include a rest module (bench) and a connector module (floor tile), which will add comfort during the workout session. These modules lend a lot of versatility, in terms of creating various tours, keeping in mind the area of installation.

It has been crafted from materials that will work in a range of climatic conditions, extensive use and vandalism, which can cut the lifespan of a product. The usage of stainless steel ensures high resistance, hardness, long lifespan and easy maintenance. Installing the whole structure comes sans a lot of difficulty. Simply, dig a hole and layer compressed sand and concrete till a depth of 15cm (6 inch) below ground level. Then, the module is positioned inside the hole and buried. The concrete piece is quite heavy and has two pipes. All the other pipes are inserted in it to move the structure. Joining the product with other parts and resistance is offered by its joints.

All the exercises have been chosen ingeniously, which increases the average mobility of elderly users. It makes sure that joint and limb movements are maintained that usually reduce with age. One part of the module offers strength module exercises for the upper body, which includes arms, shoulders and wrist. Light exercises will help elderly perform everyday tasks without much dependence. As one grows old, maintaining proper balance also becomes difficult. To help improve balance, the equipment comes attached with a module that consists of a platform and handle. These are used to perform a list of exercises, which will be displayed in front of the user. Aerobic activities have long known to improve over all physical health. The presence of another module, consisting of a rotating circular base, will promote good health amongst elderly. A user is supposed to stand on the base and turn from one side to the other. This exercise provides light aerobic workout, and mainly exercises the waist.

All the modules are connected to each other with the help of benches and floor tiles. It is a great platform for the elderly to connect with people of their age and stay healthy. Urban Exercise Mobile for Elderly People promotes sociability and integration between humans.

[Cheers Miriam]

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