Urban electric bike folds to slip in your car’s boot

urban foldable electric bike  01

The pace the number of vehicles is increasing in urban environment, resulting in packed roads and polluted surroundings, electric bikes seems to be the only viable solution, for they not only lets you move swiftly on cramped city roads but also helps in reducing your carbon footprints. Conceived by Israeli designer Yarel Yair, the “Urban bike” is an innovative concept for an electric bike that when not in use folds into a smaller size, so it could be stored in the boot of a car with ease. Featuring an uncomplicated and clean design, the new electric bike can easily be unwrapped without wasting any time for a green ride.

urban foldable electric bike  03
urban foldable electric bike  04
urban foldable electric bike  05
urban foldable electric bike  06

[Cheers Yarel]

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