Uplink belt system offers ultimate hands-free audio

uplink audio strap system 03
Designed for Product Design 2, Spring 2009, the “Uplink” by Adam Hammerman is a strap system that can easily be integrated into existing hydration packs, allowing a new way to connect with the audio world. Built for active sport enthusiasts, the Uplink integrates four ultrasound speakers, which resonates the air within your ears to create sound that only you can hear, leaving others undisturbed. After connecting to your mobile device, you can listen to music, receive calls, hear podcasts or listen to voice guided GPS directions. It can even relay emergency weather reports. The personal sound environment makes users more alert about their surroundings, as it does not impair hearing of sounds outside the ultrasound zone.

The system features a solar panel to gather energy during your outdoor trips that charges your mobile device and affords infinite power on longer journeys. The controls of the wearable system are ambidextrous and tucked into locations, so they don’t interfere with your multimedia activities. The Uplink also includes a tensioner system that varying the distance between the speakers allows for perfect sound tuning.

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