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Most unusual urinal designs

Restrooms are definitely one of the most important section of any architectural structure and any restroom is just incomplete without urinals. However, when it comes to urinals, the image which appears in front of most of the people is a simple white fixture installed in the corner of a restroom. But no one ever said that these fixtures need to be simple, you can show your creativity even here also. So, what we have here is the list of eight most unusual and amazing urinals.

John Michael Kohler Arts Center

This entire restroom consisting of three urinals along with three sinks and two stalls has been created by New York Artist Matt Nolen on commission. In the first look, it will just appear fascinating, nothing more than that, however, when you’ll have closer look at it then you’ll observe that all the urinals, sinks, stalls and walls of this restroom depict the changing architectural styles right from the ancient Egypt to the present time. These architectural styles are depicted on one wall, on the other wall the rulers of each period are depicted. This urinal is named as ‘Lord’. Even the Discover Channel’s program, ‘The World’s Ten Best Bathrooms’ featured this restroom of the Art Center.

Stockholm-Arlanda Airport

The Stockholm-Arlanda Airport is one of the biggest airports in Scandinavia, also the Swedes are the most traveling people in the world. Therefore, the authorities of this sirport wanted to show the tourists a beautiful part of the Swedish nature in the contrast of airplanes and concrete. The solution with which the designers came out was a perfect combination of art, design and function. It’s not that attention was given only to appearance, functionality was also given due importance, that’s why big sheets of glass were installed which reduce the gaps and the odor.

Mystique night club

The feature of this urinal which has been drawing everyone’s attention is its basic shape which resembles the outer portion of human mouth. This urinal is present in the Mystique night club. The owners wanted that the visitors must remain in the party mood even when the are in the restroom so the designers came out with this brilliant idea. A Dutch company called “Bathroom Mania” manufactures and distributes these urinals, popularly known as the Kisses urinals.

Nature’s call

As the name suggests, the design of these urinals must be such that it it should be very close to the mother nature. This urinal resembles wit the petals of a flowers. Clark Sorensen is been credited with the designing of “Nature’s call”. Each of these urinals are created by hand from high fire porcelain. These fixtures are fully functional and if you want to install one such urinal in your home then you can acquire them from a collector.

Amundsen-Scott Station

By just watching the picture of this urinal, no one will be able to understand why this is considered to be so much unusual when it appears like just another ordinary fixture. It is not the design which makes this one unusual, but the place where it is located. This urinal resides at the South Pole on the highest, driest and the coldest continent on the earth, that is Antarctica which is the very bottom of our planet where no man was even able to reach until the early 1900’s. What this urinal lacks in beauty, makes up more than that in dignity.

The Felix

Believe it or not, the glass windows were the urinals before these black marble urinals were installed. The most fascinating thing about these fixtures was their unique drainage system. Because of this system, men could urinate in front of the windows without spillage.

International Space Station

This one again is a urinal which gained the title of being unusual not because of its design but because of the place where it has been installed, however, the design is also quite interesting. This urinal is installed in the International Space Station which rotates around the earth in a circular orbit. Crew members need to spend up to six months in this space station, sleeping, eating, exercising and practicing hygiene. Every surface on this station can be utilized as their is no gravity, which solves the problem of limited space available here. The urinal has been designed in such a way that it fits snugly in order to minimize the unused space.

Women’s urinal at Dairy Queen

The design of this urinal may be unique but it couldn’t be termed as versatile as a regular toilet. Also, it takes up almost the same amount of floor space. The most popular feature of this urinal is the funnel shaped device which can be shared by everyone whosoever uses the urinal.

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