Seven unusual and interesting flower themed urinal designs

Flower shaped urinal

Urinals are an important part of any home of office. Instead of sticking to the old models, you can as well choose from innovative and stylish designs that are going you make the users spellbound. The designers have been able to display their creativity at the best with the help of these stunning patterns. They can be used to enhance the overall look and feel and add a sophisticated touch to the surroundings. The best thing is that they come in various colors and sizes according to your specific needs. Take a look at these amazing models and decide which one you will use in your space.

1. Flower urinals

Flower Urinals

Decorative flower urinals are now taking the place of the standard urinals. Your bathroom can look very different and provide a different experience by looking at the lively, colorful and decorative flower urinals. These are now exhibited at the San Francisco exhibition called ‘Flush.’ The detailed designing catches the eyes of the visitors. Instead of urinals, you can simply call them ‘bathroom sculptures.’

2. Yellow orchid urinal by Clark Sorensen

Yellow Orchid Urinal by Clark Sorensen

The yellow orchid urinal has been shaped and structured just like a real yellow orchid flower. It is made of durable and high-fire porcelain that is used to make the standard urinals. Each of his pieces is one-of-a-kind and is known to be made completely by hand. The designer has been featured in various art and design magazines. Each urinal comes with a standard drain connector and a flush valve connection. The cost of the urinal is $8900.

3. Orchid urinal

Orchid Urinal

Clark Sorensen has come up with beautiful and stylish urinals shaped in the form or various orchid flowers. The urinals are hand crafted and made in the shapes of various types of orchids. No one piece looks like the other. All of these urinals are fully functional and can be installed at homes and offices for use. Some of the different varieties include the pink orchid urinal, the yellow orchid urinal, etc. If you love orchids, use the orchid urinals in your bathroom and make it more decorative and attractive. The price is $7900 for each piece.

4. Floral urinal

Floral Urinal

Here is an innovative way to decorate your bathroom. Choose from different kinds of floral patterns for your urinals. A San Francisco based artist, Clark Sorensen has created various beautiful and amazing urinals with high-fire porcelain. All these are aesthetically sound and functional too. Each piece is an art in itself and fits into all kinds of modern decor. Each fixture can be easily plumbed and used in your bathroom.

5. Calla lily urinal

Calla Lily Urinal

The Calla lily urinal is a unique piece of sculpture and looks like a giant lily flower. The urinal is designed by Clark Sorensen. It is 21 inches tall and is made of high-fire porcelain. This special design was hand-sculpted by Sorensen in 2003. It is a fully functional fixture that can adorn the men’s bathroom in both residential and commercial buildings. You can buy one for $7900.

6. Flower-Shaped Urinals at English Country Garden Center

Flower-Shaped Urinals at English Country Garden Center

Instead of using the standard white bowls that are nothing less than boring, men’s bathrooms can be decorated with special flower-shaped urinals. These urinals are designed by Clark Sorensen as a part of the collection called ‘Nature’s Call.’ Three of these floral shaped urinals in the shape of a daffodil, orchid and hollyhock have been bought by the English County Garden Center for $24,700. People here are amazed to see the flower-shaped urinals.

7. Red Hibiscus Urinal

Red Hibiscus Urinal

Another amazing creation form Clark is the red hibiscus urinal which is in shape of a red hibiscus flower. The urinal can also be obtained in other colors such as orange or any color you need. The bright red urinal looks as if a huge hibiscus flower is attached to your bathroom wall. The flower designs completely transform the design of your bathroom. This urinal may cost you about $700.

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