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Unusual ceiling fan designs that will blow your mind

Ceiling fans can now be the quirkiest thing at your home owing to the various innovations and experiments that modern designers are performing upon their designs. Out of the box ceiling, fans are forming the latest trend in urban interior decoration, such fans are now finding a place in many living rooms, and offices belonging to people who think crazy are the new cool! Below are examples of some of the craziest ceiling fans designs of all times which are going to boggle your mind!

The ceiling fan that looks like an upturned helicopter:

This design which is Raffaele Iannello’s brain child is indeed one of the craziest ceiling fan designs that you will ever comes across. It looks like an upturned RC helicopter and is mounted on a structure that greatly resembles a helipad. The extremely narrow blades of this fan give it an uber cool look!

The fan that features characters from the iconic Super Mario on its blades:

If you spent your childhood playing the Super Mario video game then you are going to love this particular design. The four blades of these fans feature Mario and his brother Lungi, a captured Princess Toadstool and an extremely sun-burnt King Koopa! This fan makes for a perfect collectible!

The Ribbon Ceiling fan:

This ceiling fan catches attention better than anything else in a room because of its unique ribbon inspired design invented by Benjamin McMahon. When this fan is switched on it gives the impression of a fast moving and free-flowing ribbon which is indeed very arresting. The great thing about this fan apart from its design is its efficiency. Rest assured that you will not feel the need of an air-conditioner when you are sitting under this fan!

The dervish lamp fan:

This fan that has been inspired by carwash brushes is definitely one of the most unusual ceiling fan designs. This lamp-cum-fan looks like a car wash brush that has been set into motion when it is turned on.

The fan with bat/dragon wings fan blades:

This particular ceiling fan design has a unique gothic look because of its blades that bear striking resemblance to the wings of a bat. These fans are not just unique but are light on the pockets as well as they start at just forty dollars!

The Brisa 2000 Ceiling fan:

The right adjective to describe this ceiling fan would be funny! This particular fan orbits around a sphere and gives air to every part of the room, resulting in a spectacle that is funny and amusing at the same time!

These unusual ceiling fan designs speak volumes about their designer’s creativity!



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