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Unusual but mind boggling clock designs

None of us needs an introduction on clocks. These days there are plenty of innovative concepts available as far asthe design of the clocks is concerned. Some of these have a multipurpose use. Let us check out some such innovative concepts in clock designs.

  1. Measuring tape clock


This clock is inspired from a measuring tape. There is a central red line which remains in the fixed position. The numbers move from right to left and left to right. In this clock, the time is measured from 0 to 23. There is a winding device for winding the measuring tape. This device winds up with the help of a spring.

  1. Rhei


This digital clock is based on the concept that time flows. There is a rhythmic flow in Rhei. Each moment is animated differently. The animation is never repeated twice in a day. This clock is a beautiful amalgamation of the laws of mechanics and the laws of nature. In this clock, a liquid illusion is created. Tangible shapes are displayed in the digits of the clock.

  1. Wonder wall laser shooting clock


This is a clock which knows multi-tasking. This dainty wall clock has several other applications, touch screen and lasers. Lasers are used to point out at the time and the numbers are projected on the wall’s surface. There are many other things that your laser shooting clock can do.

It can tell you currency exchange rates, weather conditions, keep your schedule for the day, play music and display the name of the artist on the walls. You can actually compare this awesome clock with your home computer.

  1. Zeit LED wall clock


This clock is a combination of analogue and digital elements. This LED clock has two hands, which move on the wall and display time. At the end of the hands, the digits are displayed. This clock has been designed by Uttam Banerjee. The light display of both the hands of the clock does not overlap. When the hour and minute, hand light up the hour hand become dark. The beautiful combination of the analogue character of the hands and the digits makes this clock design unique.

  1. The light gap clock


This clock is designed by Chengyuan Wei, Fangtian Ying, Duyin Qin, PengxiangJia, Fan Zhang, Huabiao Shan, Yu Zhang, Chen Zheng, Guanyun Wang &Lifu Yao. It works on solar energy. This clock has solar panels. The clock has to be placed in a place where it can get plenty of sunlight. There is a slit on the face of the clock.

This slit is illuminated with the sunlight and this forms the hour hand. The solar energy is absorbed by the clock and this is used to charge the batteries. This energy from the batteries is utilised by the clock as a power in the nights. This light gap clock, therefore, uses green energy and is environment-friendly. This clock is a classic example of renewable energy.

  1. Shadow clock or the full wall clock


If you wanted a clock of the size of your wall then go in for the shadow clock which is a full wall clock. This clock has been designed by Hanhsi Chen and Chiyu Chen. You can actually call it a lamp which is a clock or you may even call it a clock which is like a lamp. The three different hands of the clock are in the form of three different shadows which come from the light of the clock. The clock has halogen bulb and quartz movement mechanism.

These new concepts in clock design will change the entire look of your decor. With their innovative designs and great concepts they will surely bring about a revolutionary change in the concepts of clocks.

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