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Unstructured and asymmetric Cloud City has a bohemian appeal

This eye catching and futuristic structure scintillates when daylight hits its surface. The mind boggling arrangement is inspired from the shape of interlinked chains. Let your imagination run free and the assembly will look like floating clouds, microscopic bacteria or a cluster of stars. The bewitching formation known as Cloud City is a creation of an Argentine artist Tomas Saraceno. It is on display at the rooftop of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Cloud City Tomas Saraceno

Whatever the structure appears like, it is actually composed of 16 geodesic pods, which have been bunched together arbitrarily. The bohemian design that defies all geometric shapes has a beauty of its own. The lines are not straight and structured. Not bound by a defined perimeter, they run free hither and thither. The structure looks very different from the ordinary silhouettes that we come across on a day to day basis.

Several individual globule like pods have been grouped together in the design. A lot of thought has into making the unconventional structure workable. Although it looks unusual, the building will remain steady and stable as steel cables have been used to hold it in place. The structure is about 28 feet high and measures 54 and 29 feet in length and breadth respectively. The configuration that weighs about 20 tons enhances the green expanse of the Central Park, skyline of New York and the Manhattan area in its vicinity.

To add some more eccentricity, each surface that forms a globule is different from the other. The shiny and mirrored surfaces of the pod are quite an eyeful. While, some of the planes are transparent and others have been left open. Moreover, the arrangement is composed of more than 100 planes. On the whole, the design looks adventurous, futuristic, unusual, quirky and also a little spooky at times. The floating wonder will attract throngs of onlookers.

Via: Inhabitat

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