Universal Plug: Easy unplugging helps in preserving energy

universal plug by kim seung woo 17gB6 58

Pulling a plug out of a socket may look an easy task, but people very often either pull the entire board out or damage the connecting cable. However, designer Kim Seung Woo has come up with an innovative design that makes removing the plug from the socket, an effortless task. Hailed as the ‘Universal Plug,’ the new plug comes with a glowing inner surface and circular cut-out for a batter grip to pull it out from the socket with minimum fuss.

Design Status:

The Universal Plug is a concept plug design that could be a good solution for people who lack strength in their hands.


The Universal Plug not just makes pulling the plug out of a socket a lot easier, but it also encourages people to develop a good attitude towards saving energy as it cuts off the supply of electricity when the electrical appliances are not in use.

Via: Likecool

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