UNIT Hypermarket Vehicle tells you what’s where in the supermarket

unit hypermarket vehicle 08

Shopping in a hypermarket often become a tedious task, as most of the visitors struggle to find the goods and have to move across the huge mart in search of a particular product. Providing a solution, Russian designer Liubov Kurzanova has devised a hypermarket vehicle dubbed “UNIT” that makes acquisition of goods more comfortable and joyful for the customers. Made of a flexible nylon net and a drum rotor, the hi-tech shopping cart is capable of changing the internal volume of the basket according to the needs of the customer. Users can get actual information about the goods and the hypermarket with the help of the cart.

The bottom of the basket gradually falls when you put goods in it, and comes up when you take them out. In this way you don’t need to bend down to take out your purchases. The control panel can transform itself to be comfortable for user with any height. The cart is equipped with a navigation system for quick search, and there is a bar-code scanner. The Unit has an electric motor, which charges on parking and has a socket for emergency charging. Shopping with the Unit shopping cart is no longer a tedious task in the hypermarkets.

unit hypermarket vehicle
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[Thanks Liubov]

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